Going Beyond the Basics for a Positive Remodeling Experience

Choosing the right professionals is more than just finding the remodeler or decorator with the lowest price. It is even more important that the company you choose to work with is the right company for you. There have been a number of articles written and various publications that tell you how to choose a remodeler. [...]

Relocate or Remodel

An excerpt form an article appearing in Remodeling Today The economic conditions of the past few years have thrown a monkey-wrench into plans and dreams for so many homeowners. Unfortunately many of us have had to adjust our goals and re-plan our futures. With the real estate market in an unknown state, people are really [...]

Why Now

An excerpt form an article appearing in Remodeling Today Sometimes we allow forces outside of us to dictate our decisions, plans and actions. This has never been as true as it has been in this current economic climate. Unfortunately some of our decisions, especially those based on fear, hurt us more than they help us. [...]

Make Your Home More Efficient

We know you change the oil in your car to make it last longer and run more efficiently. What can you do for your home? There are simple things you can do, for instance: ROT PREVENTION There are some crucial places where vegetation such as leaves can collect and create a rot situation pretty quickly. [...]