Saved us significant funds

“Two final aspects that we found quite refreshing in dealing with Mr. Andersen are: His alertness and ability to notice potential problems ancillary to the job at hand (eg., a rotted sill) that could be replaced or corrected much more economically now, when exposed, than at a later date after completion of the immediate job.  [...]

Focused and flexible

“Perhaps the best part of working with Mr. Andersen is the fact that he is able to use his college degree in engineering in many practical ways to do better work in his construction projects.”  - S.C.S “Peter was focused enough to follow the plans I had commissioned for this undertaking yet flexible enough to [...]

Courteous, prompt, and easy to work with

“Lighthouse Construction was the low bidder on our kitchen remodel, but there was nothing cut-rate about the remodeling process or the finished product. Peter and his team were courteous, prompt, and easy to work with. Peter is a great source of ideas, and suggested some nice touches that really rounded out the kitchen. Cabinets, counters, [...]

Providing reasonable, fair cost

“Of the various contractors (at least eight) who have worked on various aspects of remodeling our 1860 –vintage house and barn over the past 30 plus years, Mr. Andersen has been by far the most satisfactory in terms of working within our desires, producing quality work, and providing reasonable, fair cost proposals.”  - Sam C.

Commitment to high quality

“The most pleasant aspects of working with Mr. Andersen were his insight and creativity in designing modifications to our house while keeping with the traditional styling.  He is extremely considerate of his customer’s wishes, but does not hesitate to point out potential problems, more satisfactory or cheaper ways to accomplish the objective, and various options [...]

Quality of Work

Thank you for the consideration in the loss of our dog Cocoa. Thanks also for the quality of the work in repairing our home. – Peter and Marcia